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Is it possible to replace the coils or change the voltage of the coils of the TeSys contactors?

Can we replace the coils in Tesys Contactors? 

Product Line:
Tesys D and F line Contactors

Products sold and used in the United States
 Coil replacement needed for different voltages
For the TeSys D09 through D38 contactors, the AC coils can be replaced or changed out, but contactors with DC coils must be replaced if the coil is not operational or is the wrong voltage. For the D40 through D150 contactors, all coils whether AC or DC can be replaced or changed out; however, for the LC1D09 through D95, an AC-controlled contactor cannot be converted to DC and vice versa. The LC1D115 and D150 can be converted from AC to DC and vice versa.

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