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How does a bolt-on breaker bolt to an I-Line bus?

How does a bolt-on breaker bolt to an I-Line bus?

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See instruction bulletin for the specific circuit breaker. There are access holes on the breaker where the plug on jaws are located. Remove the hole plugs to provide access to the bus clamps. Tighten the bus clamps to 20 inch pounds or 3 N-m. Replace the hole plugs to cover the bus clamps. This applies to legacy breakers only.

Only the FA/H, LA/H, FY QB,QD,QG and Q4 are available. All of the others are obsolete and no longer available.

The bolt on option can not field installed. For the factory installed option, the 3rd charactor in part number must be the letters below.
Breaker Frame  Suffix
FA, FH, LA, LH, FY, Q4 B
It has a clamp on the I-Line jaws which enables it to meet specs calling for bolted connections.
There is a 20% adder to the price of the breaker for this option. Bolt-on I-Line breakers will fit into regular I-line interiors with no modifications needed.

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