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Do we have a DIN-rail mounted GFI breaker?

Do we have a DIN-rail mounted GFI breaker?

Product Line:
QO-GFI breakers

DIN rail mounting of QO-GFI breakers

Want to be able to DIN rail mount a QO-GFI breaker instead of panel mounting.

No there is no QOU-GFI version available. Suggested alternative is a QO-GFI breaker and an OEM mounting base such as the QON2L40 for 1P and 2P QO-GFI breakers or QON403L60N for 3P QO-GFI breakers. These bases are NOT DIN rail mountable but they are an alternative to a large panel interior. They are found on Digest 177 page 7-16.

CTA-ID : 2049230
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