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Video: What does a flashing E on the ATV212 display (External Fault on the graphic keypad) mean?

What does a flashing E on the ATV212 display mean?
What does External Fault mean on the graphic keypad?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 ATV212, S-flex enclosed


Flashing E on the display of the ATV212 drive.

The drive is in a faulted status, initiated by one of the following:
1) CMOd is set to 0 or 2, the drive is in remote mode and the keypad STOP button is pressed.  Since the drive is looking for a stop command from a logic input or serial communications, the STOP button is assigned to function as an E-STOP.
2) A logic input is assigned as External Fault, functions 11 or 45, and that logic input fault is activated.

To reset the fault, either cycle power to the drive or activate a logic input that is assign as Fault Reset, functions 10 or 55.

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