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How do you obtain, install, use, and troubleshoot LTU software for the UTA tester for Powerpact H, J, and L frame circuit breakers?

Product Line:
Powerpact H, J, L circuit breakers and UTA tester

Windows XP and Windows 7 ONLY!  
To use with Windows 8 and 10 it is necessary to use Windows 7 compatibility mode.

  1. Download the software from this link:
    • Reboot computer
    • If UTA tester was already connected and/or powered up, disconnect from computer and from wall outlet for 20 seconds.  Then reconnect and proceed.
  2. Connect the UTA tester to the computer and the circuit breaker trip unit, per Help File instructions in the software. 
  3. Click on Setup and then on PC communication parameters,  Ensure Channel is set to USB Maint. Module and the Serial port name to Com__:  Maintenance Module.  It may use a com port such as Com1, Com2, etc.  Click OK.
  4. Next click on Remote Functions and Get Micrologic Settings.  OK the identification form dialog box.  Filling in identification is optional.  The Serial Number should fill in automatically.  If it doesn't, fill it in manually.
  5. Click on Manual TEST or Automatic TEST for secondary injection testing.
  6. To save a test report, click on File and Display Report.
  7. If problems are encountered with these steps, consult Article FA235058
  8. Refer to the HELP FILES in the Help menu for more details on the test procedure.
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