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What are possible causes for nSt?

What are possible causes for nSt on the Altivar drives?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV Drive line


Drive will not run.

NST is a drive freewheel state its not a fault.  If the drive is in an NST state you can not run the drive in local or remote.
1:) 3 wire control:  check to see if NC stop on LI1 is open to +24vdc.
2:) 2 wire control:  check to see if the 2 wire type is level control or check to see if there is a run command on LI1 during power up.
3:) NST assigned as an logic input and that input is open.
4:) Stop button has been pushed on the local face or remote HMI and the drive is being commanded in terminal mode. 
5:) Drive is an CIA402 (DSP402) drive com NET command mode and is not received the proper commands to go to the RDY or RUN state.

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