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Can you get both a shunt trip and UVR on a Powerpact H, J, L, M, P, or R circuit breaker?

Product Line:
Powerpact circuit breakers

No, Powerpact circuit breakers can accept only one shunt trip or one UVR (undervoltage release).
BUT it is possible to work around this limitation by installing the UVR in the circuit breaker and feed it through the normally closed contacts of an external relay.  The UVR will function as a UVR is expected to operate because it's control power feeds directly through the normally closed relay contacts.  When they want to trip the breaker, they can energize the relay which will open the contacts feeding the UVR, causing voltage to drop resulting in the UVR tripping the breaker.
NOTE that it is possible to use a different voltage for the UVR and for the shunt trip.
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