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How do I connect the AGS to my HoneyWell HW7000EH?

HoneyWell HW7000EH AGS Connections

This particular Generator does not have a remote connection. If approved by HoneyWell, we can piggyback to the switch panel wires and simulate the connection using the AGS' relays. 

- Generator Type: Type 8


- Wires Needed on AGS Harnes:

13,14,16, 17, 18

  * Wires 13, 16, 18 get connected together


- Wire 14 goes to the "Black" wire that     connects to the Ignition Coil


- Wire 17 gets connected to the "Black / White" cables that controls the Starter Motor


- Wire 13, 16 & 18 go connected to the "White" wire that connects to the battery positive of the unit (+12VDC)

Wiring diagram found page 13 on link:

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