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What are the interchangeable thermal-magnetic trip units for Powerpact H and J frame breakers?

Do the Powerpact H and J  frame breakers have interchangeable thermal-magnetic trip units?

Trip units can be changed on  Powerpact H ,J and L frame breakers with the T or R suffix only. Trip units without the T or R suffix cannot be changed.
Circuit breakers with interchangeable trip units are marked Line and Load and CANNOT be reverse fed.
Note that interchangeable trip units are not possible on I-Line H and J breakers or on 2 pole breakers.
See Supplemental Digest or product catalog for more information.

*Available trip units for Powerpact H 60A frame
15A  HT3015 
20A  HT3020 
25A  HT3025 
30A  HT3030 
35A  HT3035 
40A  HT3040 
45A  HT3045 
50A  HT3050 
60A  HT3060

*Available trip units for Powerpact H 100 and 150A frames
70A    HT3070 
80A    HT3080 
90A    HT3090 
100A  HT3100 
110A  HT3110 
125A  HT3125 
150A  HT3150

*Available trip units for Powerpact J 250A frame

150A   JT3150
175A   JT3175
200A   JT3200
225A   JT3225
250A   JT3250

*Note that trip units grouped together in tables above are all interchangeable with other trip units in that table, but not with those in the other tables.

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