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Is the 250A Powerpact L circuit breaker available with Ammeter or Energy Trip Units? The literature and the selectors do not show it as an option.

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Powerpact L circuit breakers with 250A sensor

There is a need for a 250A Powerpact L Circuit Breaker, but the Standard Trip Unit does not include the required options. An Ammeter or Energy Trip Unit would work, but the available literature and selectors do not show those available in the 250A breaker.

First, the answer is "no", the 250A Powerpact L Circuit Breaker is not available with Ammeter or Energy Trip Units. It is available only with the Standard Micrologic Trip Units 3.3 and 3.3S (breaker catalog number suffixes U31X and U33X, respectively). There are, however, other options to consider that may meet the job requirements.

(1) Order the 400A Powerpact L Circuit Breaker, and field adjust it from 400A to 250A (minimum is 125A). This breaker is available with Ammeter and Energy Trip Units, as well as Standard. Plus, it can be ordered 100% rated, in Unit-mount and I-line mount, with or without Ground Fault.

(2) Order a 250A Powerpact J Circuit Breaker. This is available with Ammeter and Energy Trip Units, as well as Standard. It is field adjustable from 250A maximum to 70A minimum.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Powerpact J is used in place of the Powerpact L, be sure that all job requirements are met, such as suitability of use in the particular enclosure, availability of all accessories, lug wire rating, neutral ct, unit/I-line mounting, 80% or 100% rated, etc.
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