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Is there an easy way to reset after and inadvertent limit swith detection?

Inadvertent limit switch detection

Product Line:

All models and serial numbers


You can use the CLS parameter in order to initialize the function and restart (only a pulste by activating and deactivating the input logic assigned to CLS).
CLS [Disable limit sw.] [No] (nO)

If [Disable limit sw.] (CLS) is set to an input and activated, the limit switch management will be inhibited.
Check that this configuration will not endanger personnel or equipment in any way.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

This parameter can be accessed if at least one limit switch or one sensor has been assigned.
The action of the limit switches is disabled when the assigned bit or input is at 1. If, at this time, the drive is stopped or being
slowed down by limit switches, it will restart up to its speed reference.
[No] (nO): Function inactive
[LI1] (LI1): Logical input LI1
[...] (...): See the assignment conditions on page 138

Please see on file attached a document explaining better the fucntion positioning by sensors with ATV32.

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