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Where can I download SoMove software and the drive/soft starter DTM files?

Where can I download SoMove software?

Product Line:
SoMove Software


Needs SoMove software and DTM files

The SoMove, Altivar DTM and Altistart DTM files can be accessed using the link below.
Then Choose Documents & Downloads
Choose the SoMove file to download and what ever DTM files you might want to install like the example below.
Examples: For ATV drives choose the Altivar DTM files
                  For ATS soft starters choose the Altistart DTM files
                  For ATV Process drives choose the Altivar Process DTM files

NOTE:  SoMove V2.3 was released Sept 7, 2015

Below are the links from our FTP Site to the latest drivers for the TCSMCNAM3M002P cable. The software is free online, however, you will need to purchase this cable to connect your PC to products via the resident Modbus port.
USB TCSMCNAM3M002P Cable drivers

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