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How can you use a BCM module programmed for 2w modbus on a 4w communication system?

Product Line:
Powerpact and Masterpact breakers with modbus communications

With a newer Micrologic P or H trip unit you may re-program the BCM module to 4w.
If the trip unit does not have this option or if it is an A trip unit, you may use a 2w to 4w converter, CNV-100
NOTE:  You can also order a BCM programmed for 4w modbus.  Order the BCM as part# 33106 in Q2C with a note that you want it programmed for "4w Modbus."

The Cyber Sciences CNV-100 can be used to connect two-wire Modbus devices to a four-wire Modbus network, or alternatively to connect a four-wire device to a two-wire Modbus network. As dictated by the Modbus specification, both 2-wire and 4-wire CNV-100 interfaces utilize RS-485 signal levels. 
The CNV-100 is intended to be DIN rail mounted and has an integrated mounting foot for that purpose. LEDs are provided to indicate presence of 24 VDC control power and serial data transfer in both directions.

The CNV-100 is UL listed.

This converter is sold by Square D Company - Power Management Operations. The device is built by Cyber Sciences. The part number is CNV-100.

See the Attached Instruction Bulletin for more details.

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