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How can the type of stop be changed for the ATV312 (or ATV31) drive?

Customer wants to change the Stop Type on the ATV312 drive.

Product line:
ATV312, Altivar 312, ATV31



The default setting for Type of Stop on the ATV312 drives is Ramp stop.

Thje options for stopping are Ramp, Freewheel, Fast Stop, DC Injection. 

Programming below is showing the drive code and in brackets, (text using the VW3A1101 remote HMI display)
To access the Stop Mode, go to the FUn- (Application function) menu, then StC- (Stop Mode) then Stt (Type of stop).  The options are:
- rNP (Ramp)
- FSt (Fast stop)
- nSt (Freewheel)
- dCI (DC Injection)

Please note that nSt (Freewheel), FSt (Fast stop) and dCI (DC Injection) can also be assigned to other logic inputs under the StC- (Stop Modes) menu

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