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What surge protection device offering do we have for residential applications?

What Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) does Square D offer for residential housing?

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Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)

Surgelogic SPDs

Our smallest SPDs are the QO2175SB or the HOM2175SB that install in two single pole breaker positions in your Square D residential load center. They have 22.5kA surge protection.

HEPD80 is our best selling SPD for residential applications. It has 80kA (80,000 amps) of protection and you typically connect it to a 20A/2P breaker with the included #12 wire leads. Once you connect it to this breaker in your load center it will protect all of the other loads attached to the panel from transient spike damage.  It can be installed on any manufacturers brand load center.

SDSB80111 is also 80kA (80,000 amps) protection with a couple of additional features. Included in the SDSB80111 is a communications module for connection of telephone, coax cable or satellite and Ethernet.  Also includes a spare port for an additional device if required. Connect to a 20A/2P breaker using the attached #12 wires for protection of all connected loads.
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