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What is the Short Circuit Current Rating(or SCCR) of the Heavy Duty Safety Switches?

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Heavy Duty Safety Switches


Voltage system Short Circuit Current Rating(SCCR)

The Short Circuit Current Rating(or SCCR) for the Heavy Duty safety switches is dependent upon the type of fuse used either inside the switch(fusible) OR protecting the switch upstream(non-fusible). Using Class H or K fuses, the SCCR is 10,000 AIC MAX. Using Class R, J, T or L fuses, the SCCR is 200,000 AIC MAX.

NOTE: there are some limited SCCRs for use with circuit breakers being used in conjunction with Non-Fusible switches. See current digest page 3-6, table 3.13 OR the wiring diagram of the switch for the ratings.

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