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Cut Sheets for Square D and Schneider Electric circuit breakers

Finding Cut Sheets for Square D and Schneider Electric circuit breakers

Product Line:

Products sold and supported in USA and Canada

Customers routinely ask for cut sheets which we do not have

Cut sheets have not been published for Powerpact and Masterpact products or for most legacy circuit breaker products.  
To find information on product selection, product features, ratings, certifications, dimensions, terminations, accessories, wiring diagrams, and trip curves consult the product catalogs:
Legacy MCCB Thermal Mag:  0601CT9101
Legacy MCCB Electronic Trip:  0602CT9201
SE :  0603DB0102
Compact NS:  0615CT9901
Compact NSE:  0621CT9701
Compact CE/CF/CJ: 0600PL9901
Powerpact D:  0616CT0801
Powerpact H/J/L:  0611CT1001
Powerpact M/P/R:  0612CT0101
Masterpact NT/NW:  0613CT0001
Multi 9:  0860CT0201
QO/QOB:  0730CT9801
QOU:  0720CT9401
Powerpact Q:  0734CT0201

For selection information for catalog numbers for breakers and accessories, consult the Digest and pricing guides:
Compact NS, Multi-9, INS switches, MP Masterpact:  0600PL9701
Masterpact NT and NW:  0613PL0001
QO and QOU:   Square D Digest 177 Section 7
QOB: Square D Digest 177 Section 9
E-Frame: Square D Digest 177 Section 9
Powerpact, Multi-9, Vigirex, GC-200, MCS, MCP:  Square D Digest 177 Section 7
ILINE Breakers: Square D Digest 177 Section 9

Most of the dimensional sheets are found in the Class section of the product catalogs. Square D thermal magnetic products are in Class 601. Square D electronic products are in Class 602. Dimensional information for MG products are in Class 615, 631, 86
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