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Video: How does the RFK10 Class R Fuse Kit get assembled into the 100amp GD and HD Safety switches fuse clips?

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Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Class R fuse kit installation

NOTE: The Class R fuse kits are design to be installed in the switches to REJECT all But Class R fuses. The Kit contains 3 Adapters, one per pole of a 3-pole switch

The RFK10 adapter is assembled to the LOAD SIDE fuse clips ONLY of the switch. Insert the adapter into the hole in the fuse clip, entering the fuse clip from the side opposite the load side lugs(See Fig 1 below). Rotate the adapter so that it slides into the slot in the molded base beside the fuse clip(See Fig 2 below). Push the adapter firmly into the base using the built in tab, until the barb has snapped securely into the molded base. The adapter should not be able to be removed once properly installed. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)


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