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    Hannover Messe 2017

    EcoStruxure™ is unlocking new value for industry in the digital era. See for yourself! Join us from 24 to 28 April.

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    We drive innovation.

    And we do it at every level, with EcoStruxure™. Discover how Schneider Electric leads a new world of energy with connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services.

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    Customer success stories

    Discover how Life Is On for our customers, and the success they find when they partner with Schneider Electric.

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    EcoStruxure: Innovation At Every Level

    With innovation at every level, we are redefining power and automation for a new world of energy.
    At Schneider Electric, we make it possible for IoT-enabled solutions to seamlessly connect, collect, analyze and act on data in real time, delivering enhanced safety, efficiency, reliability and sustainability.
    This is innovation at every level, across connected products, edge control and apps, analytics and services.
    Welcome to the next generation of active energy management and automation architecture: EcoStruxureTM.
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    • EcoStruxure Platform Overview At Schneider Electric, we are focused on improving your business, safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity. We do this with EcoStruxure, our single, open IoT-enabled system which allows us to innovate at every level.
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    Schneider Electric surveyed more than 2,500 business decision-makers around the world for their observations on success, the future of IoT, and how to realize immediate IoT value.

    The Internet of things (IoT) describes a world in which devices are sensor-enabled, connected and able to share information about their current state and environment. That world is beginning to take shape around us.

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    The Future of IoT

    • The New World of Energy in 3D+E More Electric

      faster growth of electricity demand compared to energy demand by 2040

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    • Efficient & Connected Buildings

      There’s more demand than ever for innovation in buildings. Schneider Electric is using disruptive technologies to create the buildings of tomorrow.

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      Aerial view of a smart city at night, smart buildings.
    • Transforming industry with automation

      Schneider Electric is helping industries tap into the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things to improve productivity and control and create more value.

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    • Creating a new energy paradigm

      The way we produce and consume energy has profoundly changed. Learn how Schneider Electric is harnessing new technologies to redefine power distribution through this interactive guide.

      Discover a new era of IoT
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      Discover EcoStruxure™

      A single, open IoT system that lets you compete in today’s digital world, EcoStruxure™ is a game-changer. Discover enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for your business today. Download now