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    Your area of expertise is medical services. Ours is power security and energy management. Discover how together we can help hospitals and healthcare facilities do more with less.

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    Doctor and nurses having a meeting, sustainability consulting, healthcare solutions.


    By 2050, the world’s population over age 61 will double. Healthcare facilities are already struggling to find money. Where will they find the resources to care for more patients? Schneider Electric can help healthcare facilities do more with less.


    • Blue man icon The number of people 60 years and older will double by 2050.
    • Blue Graph up icon Healthcare organisations energy usage has been increasing by more than 35% since 1995.
    • Blue plug icon It costs the average hospital $1M per day for an unplanned power outage.
    • Blue lock icon Hospitals on average lose 10% of their hospital assets due to theft or $52 million dollars annually.
    • Blue Energy icon Hospitals are the second most energy intensive buildings.
    • Blue helmet icon Hospitals are one of the most complex facilities to build and operate.
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      Meet the star of our new film: an electrical engineer, in an ordinary hospital, who has powers beyond his imagination.

    • The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

      With the help of Schneider Electric, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is building a highly intelligent, world-class facility to meet the rising demand for both health and medical research facilities.

    • New South Glasgow Hospital

      Utilizing Schneider Electric's comprehensive intelligent healthcare infrastructure solution, the New South Glasgow Hospital will be one of the most advanced acute services hospitals in the UK.

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