• Aerial view of a smart city at night, smart buildings.

    Efficient & Connected Buildings

    With growing urban populations and increasing electricity usage, there’s more demand than ever for innovation in buildings. Check out our interactive story to see how Schneider Electric is using disruptive technologies to create the buildings of tomorrow.

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    Building Systems

    The smart building is here. Discover the latest in building automation and management system innovation that make your buildings, regardless of size, more energy efficient, sustainable and occupant friendly.

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    Building energy management made possible by innovation at every level.

    Schneider Electric is proud to be again ranked number 1 in the Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Building Energy Management Systems.

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    Sustainability Checks in at Hilton

    International hotelier finds Schneider Electric improves efficiency, experience and innovation at every level of its properties.

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    Sustainability consulting between business professionals in the workplace


    Energy costs are constantly growing, affecting buildings of all types or sizes, everywhere. You need innovative solutions to reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, meet sustainability goals and boost building value while keeping a productive and comfortable environment for occupants.
    • Building Energy Management Systems

      Find out why Schneider Electric was picked first when Navigant did an assessment of Strategy and Execution for 15 Intelligent Building Software Solutions Providers.

      The intelligent buildings market continues to be the source of innovation in technology designed for commercial facility optimization

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      Busy retail shopping malls are smart buildings

      Building Systems Solutions

      Discover our wide range of flexible and scalable solutions for any building

      Why work with us?

      • Flower icon Become efficient Achieve operational and energy efficiency.
      • Graph up icon Improve financial performance Optimize your CapEx and OpEx budgets.


      • Blue Energy icon 40% of the world’s energy is used in buildings.
      • Blue tools icon Over a building's lifetime, 75% of its costs go to maintenance and operating expenses.
      • Blue helmet icon Only 20% of facility managers use 80% of their BMS’ available capabilities.
      • Blue EcoXpert icon 30% of energy used in buildings is wasted because of inefficient BMS.
      • Blue interactive icon By 2020, there will be 30 billion devices connected via the Internet of Things.
      • Blue oil and gas refinery icon In developed economies, at least half of the buildings that will be in use in 2050 have already been built.