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                                                                              Low Voltage Air Circuit Breaker Conversion


                                                                              What is Circuit Breaker Conversion ?

                                                                              • It brings a Low Voltage Power Air Circuit Breaker to current standards of overcurrent and ground fault protection
                                                                              • This is accomplished with the replacement of the old direct operating electromechanical overloads with new current sensors, a self powered solid-state electronic trip unit, tripping actuator and all copper connectors and their mounting parts.
                                                                              • At the same time, maintenance is performed on the breaker to bring it to manufacturer's specifications 

                                                                              Why Convert ?

                                                                              • Older type Air Circuit Breakers fitted with the original series electro-mechanical trip units do not always function reliably
                                                                              • Tripping characteristics become non-repeatable
                                                                              • Coordination becomes difficult or impossible
                                                                              • Cost-effective alternative to buying a new breaker
                                                                              • Electronic Protection provides more functions and provides a vehicle for communications/monitoring
                                                                              • Equipment and personnel safety

                                                                              Conversions using either Carriere or Federal Pioneer electronic relays are available.

                                                                              Carriere Technical Industry  

                                                                              Carriere conversion kits have been available since 1983; more than 30 000 installed kits in operation throughout North America.

                                                                              Carriere provides a large selection of Low Voltage Conversion kit for most Low Voltage Breakers : GE, Westinghouse, ITE, A-C, Siemens

                                                                              FB600E/ER Electronic Trip Units

                                                                              • Communications upgradability
                                                                              • True-RMS sensing
                                                                              • No Battery required
                                                                              • Functions independently enabled/disabled
                                                                              • DIP Switches ( FB600 E ) or ROTARY Switches ( FB600 ER )
                                                                              • Over 15 years of proven reliability
                                                                              • FB600 E : UL Classified to ANSI C37.59 and C-UL classified to CSA C22.2 No. 31


                                                                              • Monitor Breaker provides Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Trip Data information and Trip waveforms
                                                                              • Direct connection to Power Logic SMS
                                                                              • Can also communicate to software that supports Modbus : SMS, Siemens WinPM and others.

                                                                              Click here for more details about Carriere

                                                                              Federal Pioneer

                                                                              Federal Pioneer electronic relays are available for conversion of Federal Pioneer Type H air circuit breakers.

                                                                              Type USR

                                                                              Overcurrent Protection
                                                                              Optional Ground Fault protection
                                                                              Pre-trip alarm
                                                                              one CT-size
                                                                              Programmable trip setting


                                                                              Type USRC

                                                                              Overcurrent and ground fault protection
                                                                              current metering
                                                                              breaker status and event reporting
                                                                              communication and control

                                                                              To know more

                                                                              To know more 

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