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Can the covers of ALL the current NEMA Type 1 ONLY Circuit Breaker Enclosures(QO, Q2, QOM2, B, F, H, J, L, M or P-Frames), be padlocked to prevent access to the enclosures interior?

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CB Enclosure

Lockable cover

Application and Clarification

NOTE: the J250S was used for the video but the information applies to the other NEMA Type 1 ONLY, Frame size enclosures.

The cover of the current NEMA Type 1, ONLY,  enclosures(QO, Q2, QOM2, B, F, H, J, L, M or P-Frames) are attached to the enclosure with cover mounting screws. The circuit breaker handle is accessible through an opening in the cover. The cover cannot be padlocked since it is not of a hinged design. 
EXCEPTION: The NEMA Type 1, both M and P- Frame enclosures will have a hasp located at the bottom of the cover, that will allow the cover to be padlocked to the enclosure.

For an application requiring a padlockable cover, consider using a NEMA Type 3R, 12, 12K or 4X enclosures.


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