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How can the ATV58 be run with no motor to check the output voltages?

Run the ATV58 with no motor to check the output voltages

Product Line:
ATV58 drives

Run with no motor


1. Confirm that the unit is at least version 4.1 IE25. (Any version earlier than this will not be able to run this test and output would be unstable.)

2. Go into menu 7 and save the existing programming to a file to be recalled when the testing is done.

3. Go to the macro-configuration menu and set unit up for material handling (Hdg).

4. Go to menu 3 (drC) Enter into the Special Motor parameter (code SPC).

Set it to PSM (Small Motor)
5. Set the OPL (output phase loss) in the FLt (fault menu) to no.

Return settings to normal when finished testing.
See the programming manual for additional details. File attached.

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