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Can an I-Line, single row, main lug panelboard be installed on it`s side?

Can an I-Line panelboard, single row, main lug, panelboard be installed on it's side?

Product Line:
I-Line panelboards 




No. IEC Article 404.7 states:

``General-use and motor-circuit switches, circuit breakers, and molded case switches, where mounted in an enclosure described in 404.3, shall clearly indicate where they are in the open (off) or closed (on) position. Where these switch or circuit breaker handles are operated vertically rather than rotationally or horizontally, THE UP POSITION OF THE HANDLE SHALL BE THE (ON) POSITION. Exception: Vertically operated double-throw switches shall be permitted to be in the closed (on) position with the handle in either the up or down position.``

Revised 3/22/04

CTA-ID : 2016661
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