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What is the replacement shaft part number for the Class 9422 flange mount operating mechanisms?

Needs a shaft replacement for a Class 9422 flange mount operating mechanisms.

Product Line:
9422 Operating Mechanism

Operating Mechanisms and Disconnect Switches

Standard shaft - Class 9422 Type R1.

Optional long shaft - Class 9422 Type R2. Allows for maximum enclosure depth extension up to 7 inches.

This applies to All Class 9422 flange mounted operating mechanisms except Class 9422 Type TG1 & TG2. Additionally, operating shafts are not used with cable operators.

One rod is used with the Class 9422 Types ARG, ARN, ARP, ATCF, ATCN, ATDF, ATDN, ATEF, ATEN, BN, BP, RD, RG, RN, RP, TCF, TCN, TDF, TDN, TEF, TEN.
Two rods are used with the Class 9422 Type ARR, ART, ATF, BR, RR, RT, RX, TF. One rod is used to operate the mechanism while the second rod is used a a stiffener rod.

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