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Are transient suppressors available for the F-line contactors?

What is the part number of the coil suppressor for TeSys F Contactors?

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Tesys F Line Contactors and Accessories

North American Products

Yes there are suppressors for coils up to 220 volts, 50/60 Hz. Select these based on control coil installed; standard control coils provided with devices ordered with coil codes are LX1 type.
Suppressor modules clip-on mount directly to control coil. For separate mount on 35 mm DIN rail or panel mount order bracket number LA9D09981.

For coils LX1FF, LX1FG & LX1FH use suppressor part number LA9F980.

For coils LX1FJ, LX1FK, LX1FL, LX1FX, LX9FF, LX9FG & LX9FH use suppressor part number LA9D09980.

Note: LC1F800 contactors are provided with coil suppression as standard.
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