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Video: Why don't the HOMT tandem breakers fit into all Homeline load centers?

An HOMT Homeline tandem breaker will not install into a Homeline load center.

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Homeline Tandem Breakers (HOMT), Homeline Load Center

Older style or Non Plug-On Neutral Homeline load centers were designed to meet the UL standard and the NEC Circuit Limiting Requirement. Because of the circuit limiting requirement, not all spaces in the older Non Plug-On Neutral load centers would accept tandem breakers.

The HOMT tandem breaker, example HOMT2020, has a rejection feature built into the breaker casing. The rejection feature is a ‘Short Notch’ in the breaker casing, where the breaker plugs onto the bus stab of the load center. This short notch prevents the HOMT from fully engaging the bus stab and therefore will prevent the deadfront/cover from fully seating over the branch breakers. Only certain Homeline load center catalog numbers that were designed to accept tandem breakers will allow the tandem to be installed.


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