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What enclosures are available to mount an individual QBL, QDL, QGL or QJL circuit breaker?

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Q Frame Circuit breaker enclosures


Available enclosures include:
1) Q22200NS (NEMA 1 surface, 2-pole, 200 ampere maximum).
2) Q22200NRB (NEMA 3R, 2-pole, 200 ampere maximum).
3) Q23225NF (NEMA 1 flush, 2&3 pole 225 ampere maximum).
4) Q23225NS (NEMA 1 surface, 2&3 pole 225 ampere maximum)
5) Q23225NRB (NEMA 3R, 2&3 pole 225 ampere maximum).
The enclosures marked for use with the QBL, QDL, QGL or QJL breakers are designated Series E05. For retrofitting these breakers into existing Series E01 or E03, or earlier, enclosures, restrictions regarding short circuit current ratings apply. The following statement is on the wiring diagram of the Series E01 and E03 enclosures: "The short circuit rating of this enclosure is equal to the interrupting rating at the supply voltage marked on the circuit breaker installed, but not to exceed 42,000 RMS Symmetrical Amperes at 240Vac."  "Replacement circuit breakers must have an interrupting rating equal to or greater than that of the circuit breaker originally installed".
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