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How can I replace or get parts for a Masterpact MP, M, or MC breaker?

How to get a replacement for an old-style Masterpact breaker

Product Line:
Masterpact MP

Electrical Distribution Systems and OEM

Breakers need to be replaced

Masterpact MC and M (ANSI and IEC rated) breakers are not available.
A limited offering of Masterpact MP (UL Listed) breakers are available.  First determine:
  • Fixed or Drawout construction
  • The breaker amperage
  • Whether it has ground fault protection or not (LSI or LSIG)
The following catalog numbers are available as of October 2014:
Amps       Drawout 3p     Fixed 3p
1600 A     MP100135     MP100136      
2000 A     MP100137     MP100138      
3000 A     MP100139     MP100140      

Only a limited number of accessories are still available.  Check Supplemental Digest for availability. 
If replacement breaker is not available, it may be necessary to upgrade to the Masterpact NW.  Contact Schneider Services or sales office for assistance.
Reference document 1910CT1401.
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