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IEM Panel or Switchboard and Replacement Circuit Breakers

What circuit breakers are available for the old IEM switchboards or panelboards?

Product Line:
Obsolete IEM Switchboards and Panelboards

Replacement circuit breakers for obsolete switchboard, panelboard.

Availability of branch breakers for specific obsolete switchboards and panelboards.

The obsolete IEM switchboards and panelboards utilized the FAP/FHP/FCP/FCJ/KAP/KHP, KCP, KCJ, KIP, KIJ, LAP, LHP, LCP, LIP, LXP, LXIP, MAP, MHP, MEP, MXP, NAP, NCP and NXP breakers with special strap kits for mounting. These are now obsolete and no longer available. The current line of Powerpact breakers will not fit into these structures. Customer should consider replacing the entire device.
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