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Does the trip unit need to be removed to replace the battery on a Masterpact NW?

Replacing trip unit battery.
Product Line:
Circuit Breakers Micrologic Trip Units
Applies to Micrologic Trip Units 3.0A, 5.0A, 5.0P, 5.0H, 6.0A, 6.0P, 6.0H
Trip Indicators not working.
The battery can be replaced without removing the trip unit. The battery is on the outside edge of the trip unit. The accessory cover must be removed but then the battery can be replaced without removing the trip unit, opening the breaker, etc. Since the door on the equipment and the accessory cover must be removed, the electrician must have the proper PPE (personal protection equipment). The battery is a 7 - 10 year battery and should be replaced during normal MAINTENANCE cycles. 
See FA318004 on how to install/replace Micrologic trip unit battery
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