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Can the Altivar 58 switch between two sets of motor parameters?

Yes. A logic input can be used to switch between two different sets of motor parameters.

This function allows a single drive controller to control two motors with different power ratings, one at a time. The ratio between the motor
power ratings is set with the PCC parameter in the Drive menu.
If the two motors have different power ratings, enclosure types, or speed ratings, then separate motor contactors, thermal protection, and short circuit protection will be required for each motor. This function automatically inhibits motor thermal protection of the second motor.
The motor switching command will not be taken into account unless the motor is stopped. If the output contactor opens while the motor is running, the drive controller may trip on overcurrent or overvoltage which may result in damage to the drive controller.

See the keypad programming manual for details.

CTA-ID : 6855
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