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What is the difference between a LP1D & a LC1D non-reversing contactor ?

All LP1D contactors have a DC coil and power plant ( ie. a LP1D1210BD is a pre-TeSys contactor with a 24vdc coil ). LC1D contactors that are pre-TeSys have AC coils. LC1D TeSys contactors can either have AC or DC coils and are differentiated by the voltage code. A device with an AC coil cannot be converted to one with a DC coil or vice versa since the AC devices are shallower than their DC counterparts of the same amp size ( ie. a LC1D09B7 = 24vac = 3.38``deep whereas a LC1D09BD = 24vdc = 3.76``deep ).

CTA-ID : 2030425
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