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What disconnect switches or circuit breakers were used in the pre-Tesys IEC enclosed combination starters?

The Pre-TeSys devices were supplied with the following:

Fusible Units:
LE1UD09**, LE1UD12**, LE2UD09**, & LE2UD12** = 9421NC2
LE1UD18**, LE1UD25**, LE2UD18**, & LE2UD25** = 9421NC3
LE1UD32**, LE1UD40**, LE2UD32**, & LE2UD40** = 9421ND3

9421NW2 handle assembly and 9421NS16 shaft assembly.

Circuit Breaker Unit:
LE1UD09**, LE1UD12**, LE2UD09**, & LE2UD12** = GJL36015M03
LE1UD18**, LE1UD25**, LE2UD18**, & LE2UD25** = GJL36030M04
LE1UD32**, LE1UD40**, LE2UD32**, & LE2UD40** = GJL36050M05

9421LG8 circuit breaker operating mechanism, 9421NW3B handle assembly and 9421NS16 shaft assembly.

CTA-ID : 2030683
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