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What are the replacement lugs for Class 8502/8536 NEMA Size 3, Type SE controllers?<br />

Identifying replacement lugs for NEMA size 3 contactor or starter

Product Line:
NEMA Contactors and Starters

Products sold and used in the United States

Replacement lugs needed for NEMA Size 3 device

25050-94000 is the replacement power lug part number for either line side or load side. However, if lug mounting screw is also required it will be different as listed below:

Line side lug mounting screw: 21915-20200
Load side lug mounting screw: 21915-20140

Line and load side lug mounting screw: 21915-20200

Additionally, if control coil wire clamp is needed order part number 31051-007-50.

Please note all part numbers listed are for (1) piece, not complete replacement kits.

CTA-ID : 2033788
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