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Video: What is the part number for the replacement Power Head for a 2510 Type M Manual Starter?

The push buttons on the 2510M manual motor starter have broken. How do you replace the power head of the device.

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2510M & 2510T NEMA Starters - GIC Product

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The power head unit can be replaced on all Class 2510 Type M (push buttons) or Type T (toggle lever) devices. This includes the now obsolete Type M units which had the Low Voltage Protection feature.

The power head can be replaced by ordering one of the following part numbers:
Push Button Power Head 31085-862-50
Toggle Lever Power Head 31085-902-50 **

** Also Used on 2510TBL1 and 2510 TBL2

Notes: Power heads with the Jog-Run selector switch have been obsoleted and are no longer available. These powerheads do not include any contacts.
The powerheads do include the metal padlock provision, and the powerheads are not available without this provision. 

Please see attached video and instruction bulletin for reference and steps to replace the Power Head on these devices. 
1) Completely Disonnect all incoming power means from starter and install proper LOTO device.
2) Remove existing Power Head from starter
3) Install movable contacts into new Power Head
4) In stall new Power Head onto base of the existing starter and tighten screws to recommended torque values per the instruction bulletin.

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