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Is it permissible to cut or separate the neutral bar in a QO or Homeline load center to form one neutral on one side and one ground bar on the other side?


Product Line:
QO and Homeline Load Center



No, it is not acceptable to modify the neutral bar from the way it was designed, tested and manufactured. The neutral bar was not designed to have the left side separated from the right side.
Whether or not the neutral bar can be used to terminate equipment ground wires is dependent upon the application of the load center.
The neutral bar is rated to accept neutral conductors and ground conductor (in un-used neutral spaces), ONLY if the load center is used as ``Service Entrance`` . If the load center is NOT a service entrance load center (installed as a sub panel downstream from the Service Entrance equipment) then a separate GROUND BAR needs to be purchased and installed for ALL ground conductors. Do NOT cut or separate the existing neutral bar to form a separate neutral and ground bar. This modification is not allowed per out UL procedures and would VOID the warranty.
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