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What enclosures are available for a PowerPact P-frame circuit breaker?

Enclosures for Powerpact P-frame (80% and 100% rated)

Product line:
Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Powerpact P-frame Circuit breaker

Application of circuit breaker enclosures

The PowerPact P-frame breakers ( PGL, PKL, PJL, PLL ) have several enclosure options:
800A maximum options are M800S (NEMA 1), M800R (NEMA 3R), M800AWK (NEMA 12) and M800DS (NEMA 4,4X,5). The P1200 enclosures noted immediately below could also be used. 

1200A maximum options are P1200S (NEMA 1), P1200R (NEMA 3R), and P1200AWK (NEMA 12).

100% rated P frame PowerPact breakers 800A maximum can only be used in the following enclosures:
M800S (NEMA 1), M800R (NEMA 3R), M800AWK (NEMA 12), M800DS (NEMA 4,4X,5), M800SS (NEMA 4, 4X, 5), P1200S (NEMA 1), P1200R (NEMA 3R) or P1200AWK (NEMA 12).

NOTE: The enclosures are marked for use with 500 KCMIL maximum conductors.
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