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Is ground-fault protection available on Powerpact H and J frame breakers by adding on a GFM ground fault module?

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Circuit Breakers PowerPact H and J

Yes, ground-fault protection is available on H frame and J frame breakers by adding-on a GFM ground fault module to a breaker that does not already have ground fault protection. It can be used on thermal-magnetic breakers, and electronic breakers that provide LI and LSI protection. This applies to unit mount and I-line breakers (see limitations below).
For Powerpact H use GFM150HD. 
For Powerpact J use GFM250JD. 
For either of these, the companion breaker requires a 12 Vdc shunt trip (field installed kit # S29382, or factory installed suffix code SN).
For a 4-wire system you will also need the neutral CT, cat.# GFM25CT.

  • Breakers with GFM modules can NOT be backfed or used for alarm.
  • The shunt trip may not be used to also trip the breaker from an alternate source at a remote location.  Backfeeding control power to the GFM will damage it.
  • See attached instructions and/or Digest sections 7 and 9 for additional information.
  • H and J frame UNIT MOUNT breakers with add-on GFM module will not fit into HD100S, H150S/F/R or J250S/F/R/DS/SS/AWK enclosures. Consider using I-line for this application.
  • H and J frame I-LINE breakers with add-on GFM module will fit onto the wide side of HCP, HCP-SU, and HCR-U I-line Panelboards.

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