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Video: How do you wire and program an ATV31 or ATV312 to follow an external 0-10vdc speed pot on AI1 and use the logic inputs for starting and stopping?

Wiring and configuring 2-wire terminal start/stop run control on Logic Input 1 (LI1 + 24vdc) and 0-10vdc speed control via Analog Input 1 (AI1) on Altivar 31 & 312 (ATV31/ATV312) Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). A potentiometer is commonly used as the 0-10vdc analog speed reference.

Product Line:
Altivar 31 and 312

All models in range.

Pot for speed control or 0-10v logic input for speed control.

Wire your external pot to AI1 com and +10vdc. (wiper wire on AI1)
Wire your Start forward command between LI1 and +24vdc.

Step 1: Go into the CTL menu enter
Step 2: Set Fr1 to AI1

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