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CAFI combination arc-fault circuit breaker trips when any load is turned on. What is the problem?

The HOM120CAFI breaker trips as soon as any load is turned on; it doesn't matter if it is a light or fan or plug in a vacuum cleaner--any load trips the breaker.

Circuit breaker miniature mccb, arc fault afi cafi

The most probable causes for this issue are breaker mis-wiring and a grounded neutral. First ensure that the breaker is wired correctly; hot wire to the line terminal, load neutral wire to the load neutral terminal on the breaker, and the white pigtail to the neutral bar. If wiring is correct, check for a grounded neutral. Recommend turning breaker OFF, removing load neutral wire and reading resistance to ground. It should be 1 megohm or more; readings close to zero indicate a grounded neutral which must be cleared before the breaker will hold a load.
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