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Can a shunt trip be added to QO/B or QOU breakers?

Can a shunt trip be added to QO/B or QOU breakers?

Product Line:
QO, QOB or QOU Breakers

This can be factory installed only on QO/B, QO/B-SWN, and QOU.
This can not be installed on QO/B-GFI, QO/B-EPD, QO/B-EPE, QOB-VH (2P 150A and 3P 110 to 150A) or QO-AFI, QO-CAFI, QO-PCAFI, QO-DF, QO-PDF, QO/B 2P 150A-200A , QO or QOT tandems or QO, QOU molded case switches.

Adding a shunt trip to a breaker allows it to be tripped / opened remotely.

This can only be factory installed by adding suffix:
1042 for 12 or 24 Vac or Vdc
1021 for 120, 208 or 240 Vac

Shunt trip terminals accept (2) 14-12 AWG CU wires.
The HOT or Neutral wires can be connected to either terminal.
The shunt trip adds an additional pole space to the breaker.
Only 1 accessory can be added to a Miniature molded case circuit breaker.

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