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What does suffix TF indicate on a Powerpact H, J, or L frame plug-in or draw-out breaker catalog number signify?

Powerpact H frame, J Frame, L frame circuit breakers

Plug-in and draw-out Powerpact circuit breakers

Catalog numbers indicating plug-in or drawout breakers in these frame sizes require suffix TF in order to be valid.  This was not always true and there is some confusion about why suffix TF appears when a plug-in or draw-out breaker is selected in the product selector.  Also questions as to why a number such as HGN36100U31X is not system recognized but HGN36100U31XTF is.

Suffix TF indicates horizontal terminals.  Horizontal terminal are factory installed on HGN and other drawout and plugin type Powerpact breakers and breakers are given suffix TF to reflect this.
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