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What are the replacements for Legacy molded case switches (MCS)?

What are the replacements for Legacy molded case switches (MCS)?

Legacy molded case switches are obsolete and must be replaced.

The following table shows the replacement for legacy molded case switches.
Note that the dimensions are different and the new switch may or may not fit properly into the original equipment.  In some cases the equipment can be modified; in other cases it will have to be replaced.
Amps Switch Cat. # Trip Point Replacement Trip Point Alternative Trip Point
100 FHL36000M 1500 HGL36000S15 1300    
150 FHL3600015M 2500 HGL36000S15 1300    
250 KHL36000M 4500 JGL36000S25 3125    
400 LHL36000M 8000 LGL36000S40X 4800    
600 MHL360006M 9000 PKL36000S60 24K LGL36000S60X 6600
800 MHL360008M 9000 PKL36000S80 24K    
1000 MHL36000M 9000 PKL36000S10 24K    
1200 NCL3600012M 16000 PKL36000S12 24K RKF36000S12 57K
2000 PHF360000M 16000 RKF36000S20 57K    
2500 PCF360000M 16000 RKF36000S25 57K    
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