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What are possible causes for over braking OBF faults on the ATV61 or ATV71 drives?

What are possible causes for over braking faults OBF in the ATV61 or ATV71 drives?

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ATV61   ATV71


Braking too sudden or driving load

If the drive trips while running, monitor for voltage surges and spikes, you may need to install a line reactor or a surge suppressor.
If the drive is tripping while decelerating, increase deceleration time. You may need to add a Dynamic Braking resistor.
If the drive trips on a Start command, check to see that the Catch on the Fly parameter is enabled in the Fault Management menu (if application allows).   Also verify wiring between drive and motor as well as motor connections.
For ATV71 applications with off center loads (Jack pump, shaker table, vibratory feeder) it would be worthwhile testing the ENA System set to YES (Menu 1.4 [Motor Control]).  Note that the Motor control type must be set to SVC V.

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