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Are CAFI or AFI Arc-Fault circuit breakers available for NF Panelboards?

For NF panelboards, does Schneider Electric offer arc-fault branch circuit breakers?

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Applies to EDB, EGB, EJB circuit breakers used in type NF Panelboards only, sold and installed in the USA.

While NQ Panelboards have branch breakers available that provide arc-fault protection, NF Panelboards do not.

The simple answer to this question is that arc-fault circuit breakers are not available for NF panelboards. Why is that?

The requirement for Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection is outlined in Article 210.12 of the National Electric Code (NFPA-70, 2011 Edition), and is for 120V, 15 and 20A branch circuits, in dwelling units. 120V is the phase to neutral voltage, and can be found in 120/240V 1-phase/3-wire, and 208Y/120V 3-phase/4-wire systems. At these voltages, type NQ panelboards should be used, with QO(B) arc-fault circuit breakers. QO(B) breaker are not for use in NF Panelboards.

NF panelboards, and their respective EDB/EGB/EJB circuit breakers, are designed and listed to be used at the higher voltage of 480Y/277V. While electrical codes can change, currently there is no requirement for arc-fault circuit breakers at 277V. Therefore, arc-fault breakers are not available for NF Panelboards.

In summary, if arc-fault breakers are required in a Panelboard, assuming the system has 120V phase to neutral, choose type NQ Panelboards and QO(B) arc-fault breakers.

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