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Can the AL400L61K3 lug be installed on the 400 amp or 600 amp Powerpact L frame breaker?

The maximum size wire that the AL400L61K3 accepts is (1) 600kcmil copper or (1) 500kcmil aluminum. Can this lug be used on 400A and 600A Powerpact L frame breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to Powerpact L, 400A and 600A circuit breakers with these prefixes:
  • LDL, LGL, LJL, LLL, LRL (unit mount)
  • LDA, LGA, LJA, LLA, LRA (I-line)

The AL400L61K3 lug kit (standard on the 250A L-frame breaker) may also be used as an optional lug on the 400A and 600A Powerpact L-frame circuit breakers (see important note below about Wire Size and Breaker Rating). One kit includes 3 lugs. Each lug accepts wire in a range of (1) #2 AWG to 500 kcmil Al or (1) #2 AWG to 600 kcmil Cu.

The lug will fit on both ends of a Unit Mount breaker, and on the load or OFF end of an I-line breaker. The kit can be factory or field installed.

Order the breaker with suffix LY

Unit Mount Breaker - order (1) AL400L61K3 kit for lugs on one end, and (2) AL400L61K3 kits for lugs on both ends
I-line Breaker - order (1) AL400L61K3 kit for lugs on the load end (OFF end)

Wire Size and Breaker Rating
The maximum size cable rating in the AL400L61K3 has the following amp ratings per the NEC for 75C cable
  • 500kcmil Al = 310 Amps
  • 600kcmil Cu  = 420 Amps
Make sure the wire is properly protected by adjusting the breaker trip setting appropriately. After adjusting, seal the trip unit with a MICROTUSEAL. 

NOTE: The above information also applies to lug kit 32508.
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