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What is the TR Low Battery Cut Out?

Over discharge protection shuts down the inverter at a specified voltage (low
battery cutoff) to protect the batteries from over discharge damage. ODP is
automatically enabled on the Xantrex TR Series unit. The inverter circuitry
calculates the lowest (safe) DC voltage (leaving approximately 30-40% battery
capacity) based on the position of the Battery Capacity Knob and the amount of
load current on the inverter’s output. With a higher load, the inverter’s calculation
decreases the low cutoff. With higher battery capacity, it increases the cutoff.
Under no-load conditions, this level is typically between 11.8 and 12.0 Vdc (for a
12-volt battery bank).

See attached chart.

In the event of a low battery warning, the ODP may be temporarily disabled
by pressing the ON/STANDBY switch. This enables the unit to continue functioning
until the batteries reach the default low battery threshold or until the user
manually stops inverting and charges the battery.
If the Xantrex TR Series turns itself off (if the warning has progressed to a fault) or
if the user manually stops inverting, the ODP will be automatically re-enabled as
soon as the unit is in invert mode again. With ODP enabled, the Xantrex TR
Series will restart at a battery voltage of 12.5 V (12 V units) or 25 V (24 V units).
With ODP disabled, the Xantrex TR Series will restart at a battery voltage of
11.5 V (12 V units) or 23 V (24 V units).

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