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Why don't Xanbus devices show up on my Combox web page?

Make sure Xanbus LED is lit on Combox. If not, remove network cable from Xanbus port on Combox and measure across the outer pins of the network cables for 12VDC (XW Inv/Chg and MPPT80 should supply 12VDC to network when active with battery power).

Xanbus cable should have 12VDC across the two outer pins, or one of the following are true:

1)  Cat5 cable is bad.
2)  XW Inv/Chg or MPPT80 is not supplying network power. This may be because the battery voltage is too low, or the network circuit is defective.

NOTE : If 12VDC is verified across outer pins of network cable, but Combox Xanbus LED is still not lit, restore Combox to factory defaults.
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